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Communication strategy

A communication strategy tailored to the needs of your company is an extremely important. Meticulously prepared plan has a huge impact on an effective and properly conducted dialogue with your fans and clients. The basic role of communication is the creation and consolidation of a positive image of your company, products or services provided, both in the Internet space and beyond. Through a detailed analysis of your recipients, an assessment of the market situation, opportunities and threats – you get a package of information from us, based on which we adjust new target groups for you. Then, we jointly define marketing objectives and consistently implement them using of channels or the development of a unique content.

Campaign realisation

Getting to your potential customers and choosing the right tools and technologies is the basis of a well-conducted and effective campaign. Google Adwords – a search ad, display advertising, product ads based on Google Merchant Center, YouTube ad or Gmail – are perfectly matched technologies to a specific recipient, being the basis for SEM activities.

Programmatic Buying and Multilevel Display are further technological tools that we use to more accurately focus the campaign directly to users. Activities are based on a coherent combination of subject matter, context and behaviors to reach people potentially interested in your product or service. Advertisements on social media are advertising formats displayed in well-chosen social channels with a huge reach (Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn). We direct advertisements to precisely selected users defined as a target group. In our advertising activities we also use various types of remarketing, i.e. return with an advertising message, which maximizes the sales effect as well as enhances the image and awareness of your brand.

Video and animation

Video is another, extremely important in marketing activities, element of marketing strategy,  in which social media dominate. It is a form of communication that strongly affects our/ recipients’ imagination or emotions. Thanks to this method you can show your product, new service or the entire offer in an extraordinary way. An attractively created and presented animation, or video explaining the operation of a service or product, increases interest, and hence, also sales and brand awareness, which will remain in the recipient’s memory for a long time.

Web development

The first contact between your company and the customer in most cases is done online. The website is a showcase of your business, and its appearance and functionality will be assessed as first. It is only in the next stage that you will present to your potential client your service, actions and capabilities. A properly constructed website as well as its positioning, is an effective way of acquiring new and maintaining existing customers, building your brand and stabilizing your position on the market. Friendly and easy to use, modern and made at the highest level, constitutes the basis for the company’s activity in the Internet age.

Seo & growth hacking

Search Engine Optimization, i.e. optimization of websites, is known to most as SEO. These are all activities aimed at preparing the website and its optimization in order to achieve the highest positions in the organic search results for selected keywords and phrases. This is a guarantee of hitting your website to a wide audience interested in your offer. These activities are aimed at increasing traffic on the website, competing with similar entities, creating a positive image and promoting you as the industry leader. We successfully run „content marketing” for our clients, which means attractive substance for any potential client, but also as an additional, effective way to position your website.

Are you wondering how you can draw in new users to your website? Growth hacking aims to maintain interest in the offer, maximize sales, increase the conversion of purchases, as well as registration, newsletter subscriptions and coverage creation.

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