In most cases, the first contact between your company and a client takes place on the Internet. A website is a business card/showcase of your business, and its appearance and functionality will be judged first, so it is important that it is done professionally and in a modern way.

Designed just for you, it will not only build the image of your company, but also open up many opportunities. Marketing activities, advertising online, increasing sales, competitiveness and listing your company on the market, and improving its image or facilitating contact with your potential customers are just some of the advantages of being online. A website that is built well and positioned well is a highly effective way to attract new customers and maintain existing ones. A friendly, easy to use, up to date website made at the highest level of skill and creativity is the foundation for business in the Internet era. Present your company in the form of a simple business card website, or a company website. Start selling online in a store based on WooComerce or systems like Shooper. Get new clients thanks to your Landing Page. We will adjust the form to your requirements. It will be easy to maintain, modern, secure and with the possibility of further development.



Graphics – friendly colours, well thought-out graphics and animations, and appropriately selected font chosen for its readability and size. Overloading the site with too many elements reduces its clarity.

Layout – in addition to aesthetics, usability is also important, as is ease of movement around the site, intuitive navigation, and clear subpage names. This is not only important for our client, but also for Google

Content – is a decent concrete; texts should be limited to a minimum and avoid overloading the site with unnecessary content; the more content, the less likely it is that people will read it.

Contact – easy access to a contact form or detailed contact information for your company is essential. Contrary to what you might think, customers don’t think it’s easier to contact you if the contact info is given as a graphic. The info should be easily accessible, copyable or clickable –i.e., click to send an email or make a phone call. Social media integration is another important element of contact that not only makes it easy to follow our social networks, but also has a positive impact on SEO.

Responsiveness – as many as 70% of purchase decisions are made within an hour of checking out an offer on a mobile website. A responsive website is one that adapts to the resolution of a given device. It also has a positive impact on Google search results. Curious about what else should be on your website? Want to find out? Feel free to contact us!

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