SEO, positioning of websites and online stores have a real impact on business development and are an integral part of the success strategy of many companies. High visibility of the site, high and stable positions require the development of an appropriate strategy of action, good quality activities and responsiveness to changes in Google search results.

What is SEO?

SEO is a series of actions whose primary goal is to position a website for queries, phrases related to the subject of its activity. In Poland, SEO and website positioning are treated as separate terms. Positioning is considered to be the process of acquiring links, while SEO is treated as actions performed on a website (SEO optimisation of a website, optimisation of content), we use these terms interchangeably. In the west, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is treated as a series of actions aimed at increasing website visibility and its position.

Visibility and website positions in Google

This term means the number of phrases for which a website or store is visible. Here it is worth mentioning the basic division of phrases. We distinguish main phrases, e.g., positioned pages, and phrases from the so-called long tail, i.e., phrases which are more developed, but more accurately depict user’s intentions, e.g., ‘big TV for seniors’. Long tail phrases do not have a large number of searches, but they precisely define the intention of a person looking for a product or service. These phrases are characterized by easy positioning and high conversion rate (effectiveness of achieving the goal, e.g., a sale).

One of the tasks of our SEO agency is to build the highest possible visibility for phrases related to the offered products or services presented on the website that we are to position. This activity requires the development of content that is properly optimised for the given keywords. Building visibility is only one element of the strategy; the next one is positioning phrases.

Positioning, SEO – what does it consist of?

SEO service consists of many activities whose synergy is crucial for high positions. Each element is important and has a real impact on the success of SEO campaign. The process of positioning a website requires experience, tools and time. It is an activity that cannot be done without forethought.

Website SEO optimisation is the first step to positioning.

Website SEO optimisation is a fundamental element of positioning a website in Google. Without optimisation, achieving high positions is difficult or impossible. To assess what to change on a page and how to change it, we perform an SEO audit of the website, which will show the scope of the necessary work.

Content development on the website

Google appreciates websites which are alive and provide users with valuable content. Thanks to properly prepared content we build website visibility, engage users and show Google that our website is worth attention. Good quality content that allows you to reach potential customers is the first stage of the purchase funnel. Thanks to them we can interest a future customer in an offer, solve their problems, show the way to proceed, etc.

SEO care and Linkbuilding

Website monitoring is one of the tasks of an SEO agency, which involves observing the visibility and position and availability of a website. We pay attention to website security and problems with its proper functioning, and we make sure that it complies with current Google guidelines for webmasters. Linkbuilding is a process of acquiring links leading to the positioned page. Each link has an impact on the authority of the linked page. In this case, what is important is the quality of acquired links, which are analysed by Google. Our task is to ensure a good quality links profile, which will buttress the authority of the page, giving it a higher level of it.

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